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Camino Hacia la META project

Puerto Rico Education Foundation and Delivery Associates initiated a “Deep Dive” Pilot Project called Camino Hacia la META in the Educational Region of Bayamón. This initiative resulted from a collaboration between the PRDE Agency, the Regional Superintendent, her team of leaders and PREF. Camino Hacia la META is an Educational Research based on the quantitative analysis of META-PR (Standardized Testing in Puerto Rico), combined with exploring and implementation of best practices for instruction. The pilot project impacted the subjects with lower proficiency in the Region; Spanish and Math respectively.  

Both areas were selected for the pilot project for 3rd and 5th grade in Spanish and Mathematics respectively among the seven participating schools. This initiative combined professional development in data literacy, data-based decisions and classroom best practices to close gaps between the instruction process and student performance. As part of the project, teachers experienced the dynamics of “Walk-ins”, “Walk-throughs” and ultimately online and differentiated instruction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. The project yielded positive improvement and engagement from teachers, students and parents.