Puerto Rico Education Foundation is a non-profit organization founded on November 15, 2017, organized under the laws of Puerto Rico dedicated to providing resources for the strengthening, strategic innovation and transformation of the education in Puerto Rico. The foundation was born from the need to contribute to education in Puerto Rico. PREF is funded by donations from various organizations in Puerto Rico and the United States. Every disbursement that the foundation makes is in compliance with the requirements of the federal and local laws for non-profit organizations under the IRS section 501c3.

To transform education by being socially responsible through sustainable and strategic alliances.

Be an agent of change to improve the quality of education by providing access to resources and data and offering equal opportunities to students as productive members of society locally and globally.

To put children, families and communities of Puerto Rico at the forefront of education.

  • Empowered and commited parents are key
  • Collaboration is crucial to promote change
  • The truth is found in data and each student’s story
  • We listen to understand
  • Bold actions need brave people